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Website + Social Bundle

Grow Your Ministry Online

Get help growing your nonprofit through a done-for-you website, online donation platform and social media templates + training.


We offer support with web design, logo design and content planning. Get coaching via a social media strategy meeting for and your team. We also provide social media templates for Facebook & Instagram, plus a social media posting calendar.


Plus, gain access to our 25 proven mini courses. You're not in this alone. 

Nonprofit Website Design
Nonprofit Website Design
Nonprofit Website Design

Website & Social Growth

$75 / Month

★ Website Build + Hosting

★ View Live Example

★ Logo Design if Needed

★ Online Donation Platform

★ Let Donors Cover Fees

★ Social Media Training

★ Social Media Templates 

★ Social Media Calendar

★ 25 Proven Mini Courses

★ Fantastic Partner Support

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Website + Social Bundle

Our Program for Digital Growth

Website + Donation Platform

It’s easy to spend $3,000+ just to have a website built, and then another $60-$150 a month for hosting & support. We can help for a lot less because donations from our generous donors allow us to offset that cost.


For just $75 / month, we can build your site to help you share your story.


What's more, we'll also build you an online donation page to allow donors to give directly from your site. Get real-time reports, weekly deposits, and allow donors to cover processing fees.

Social Media Plan + Templates

Many donors love to connect on social media. But where do you start? 


We can help your online presence look personal and professional. We provide a social media strategy meeting to help you build a plan for how to move forward in a way that fits your ministry. We also provide a social media content calendar and easy-to-edit templates, to make posting regularly much easier.


"Jonathan and team have served us faithfully for 11 years. They keep administrative and funding tasks under control so that we can spend more time doing our ministry work. They are great coaches and cheerleaders... They are always looking for new ways to serve us and add value to our ministry."

Andrea S. - San José, Costa Rica

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A Great Fit For




Sending Agencies

Faith-Based Causes

Christian Organizations

Happy Nonprofit
Happy Nonprofit
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