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Become A Missionary

You Don't Have To Do It Alone

Whether you have been in the missions field for 30 years or are just starting out, we're here to help you succeed. We send out missionaries and organizations and we're here to answer your questions about taxes, perform money transfers, set up dba accounts, process donations, provide pastoral care, mentoring and more.

Missionary Organization Tools

What's Included

$0 / Month + No Admin Fees

Online Giving Platform
Website + Social Bundle

★ Mentoring + Virtual Assistance

★ Fundraising Training

★ Fantastic Partner Support
★ Guidance on Taxes & Financials

★ Donations Wired Internationally

Missionary Training Team
Missionary Training Team
Missionary Training Team

Run By Real People

Our team is excited to help because we're a nonprofit, just like you.

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What Makes Us Different

Zero Admin Fees

​Our number one priority has been to provide our services at no fee to our ministry partners. Raising our own funds as a non-profit allows us to partner with dozens of ministries who would not be able to afford our services otherwise. For every $1 we’ve raised for our own organization, we have raised $14.01 for our ministry partners. Historically, our ministry partners have then been able to raise fives times that amount for their ministries on their own!

Fundraising Training

With years of fundraising training under our belts, we are expert teachers in this field. Fundraising, or a lack thereof, is a top reason many missionaries throw in the towel on their work for The Lord. We understand the complexities of fundraising, and have learned how to teach and encourage our ministry partners to be successful fundraisers.

Friendship In Ministry

With an emphasis on relationships, we make your needs a priority. We want to know how your day-to-day operations are going. We pride ourselves on the friendships we have created with our ministry partners. Trust is an integral part of our ministry partnerships. 

Finance Experts

We are able to answer questions about taxes, perform money transfers, set up dba accounts, process your ministries donations, and provide the support and training you need for your fundraising endeavors.

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Support & Accountability

We teach churches, ministries, and individuals how to raise funds for your missional needs. We're here to support you in your journey, and provide you with the accountability, encouragement, training, and expertise that both seasoned and new missionaries are hoping to find.

Money Transfers

We are able to transfer money to over 130 countries in 24 hours or less!

Wherever You Go

There's no mission too far. Whether you're based in the US or across the globe, we're here to guide & support you. Our money transfer capabilities allow us to transfer money to over 130 countries in 24 hours or less.

Missionary Organization Global Reach


"Jonathan and team have served us faithfully for 11 years. They keep administrative and funding tasks under control so that we can spend more time doing our ministry work. They are great coaches and cheerleaders... They are always looking for new ways to serve us and add value to our ministry."

Andrea S. - San José, Costa Rica

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New Missionaries & Orgs

Established 5 year plan & 20% of your goal starter-funds raised

Recommendation from your pastor or leader of your local church

Invitation from the missionaries or missions org you are joining

Established Missionaries & Orgs

Positive parting relationship with prior missions or sending agency

Connection with and support of your local church

Currently raising $40k a year or more for your ministry

Minimum of 3 years in missions field

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