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Your Cause is Our Mission

At Perception, we offer nonprofit consulting, tools and coaching to help you grow your ministry. We exist to help you achieve your mission without spiritual or financial burnout. As a result, you'll be better able to share the Gospel with the unreached.

All of this is possible because we're a nonprofit, just like you! Donations from our generous donors allow us to serve you for a fraction of what you'd normally pay.

We're a small team of experts in different specialties, ready to encourage you and to help your ministry succeed. Never do ministry alone again. Your cause is our mission.

Meet Our Founder

Jonathan Klee Perception Founder

Jonathan Klee

Founder & Operations Director

Jonathan founded Perception Funding in 2008 after watching countless ministries close their doors due to struggle and burnout. Now he walks alongside our ministry partners and helps them with their fundraising plans, mentors them and provides them with any assistance they need for their ministry.

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Our Values

Vision & Focus – Our vision and focus is to grow the Kingdom of God. By giving ministries, churches and Christian visionaries the tools to fundraise and grow, they are better able to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the unreached.

Who We Serve 
– Our Ministry Partners are Christian organizations who are called to serve God’s people. This includes missionaries, churches, nonprofit outreaches, and other similar organizations.

Relationships – We believe the body of Christ is relational. In building relationships with their supporters, a ministry can serve the donors needs as well as help them become obedient Followers of Jesus.

Sustainability – Our primary goal is to teach our Ministry Partners how to be self-sustainable. We encourage them to grow their support base so as to not be overly dependent upon grants and large donations.

The Church – We have significantly helped a number of churches over the past few years. We desire to partner with the body of Christ locally and around the world.

Ministry Training Team
Ministry Training Team
Ministry Training Team

Run By Real People

Our team is excited to help because we're a nonprofit, just like you.

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Why We're Different

We Use Our Own Strategies
​As a nonprofit ourselves, our doors stay open and our mission is successful as a result of using our own tested strategies. Plus, raising our own funds allows us to keep our rates low, so we can partner with dozens of ministry partners who would not be able to afford our services otherwise.

For every $1 we’ve raised for our own organization, we have raised $14.01 for our ministry partners. Historically, our ministry partners have then been able to raise fives times that amount for their ministries on their own!

Fundraising Training
With over a decade of fundraising training under our belts, we are expert teachers in this field. Fundraising, or a lack thereof, is a top reason many missionaries throw in the towel on their work for The Lord. We understand the complexities of fundraising, and have learned how to teach and encourage our ministry partners to be successful fundraisers.

With an emphasis on relationships, we make your needs a priority. We want to know how your day to day operations are going. We pride ourselves on the friendships we have created with our ministry partners. We understand that trust is an integral part of our ministry partnerships. ​

Finance Experts
We are able to answer questions about taxes, perform money transfers, set up dba accounts, process your ministry's donations, and provide the support and training you need for your fundraising endeavors.

Money Transfer Capabilities
We are able to transfer money to over 130 countries in 24 hours or less!

Because Of You

Happy Missionaries
Happy Missionaries

For every ministry served, lives are being changed.

Our success stories include kids, parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends... Because of your support, one at a time, new lives have the chance to know the love of Jesus. Thank you for your support!

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