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Meet Our Founder

Jonathan Klee

Founder & Operations Director

Jonathan founded Perception Funding in 2008 after watching countless ministries close their doors due to struggle and burnout. Now he walks alongside our ministry partners and helps them with their fundraising plans, mentors them and provides them with any assistance they need for their ministry.

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Meet The Team


Sarah Hartman

Communications Coordinator

Sarah communicates with our ministry partners and supporters. She helps share the stories of our ministry partners through social media, graphic design and building websites.

Corwin & Mel Kelly

Program Engineer / Web Designer

Corwin is our lead program engineer for the Give.Transform app. Mel is our web designer who helps ministry partners share their stories through their online presence. She also builds the Give.Transform online giving pages for our ministry partners.

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Alaina Hickey

Financial Operations Coordinator

Alaina handles accounts payable for all of our ministries. She communicates with our ministry partners and assists them with their donations and any financial needs for their ministry.

Lynelle Hardy

Financial Operations Coordinator

Lynelle handles accounts receivable and processes all of the donations for our ministries. She communicates with our ministry partners and assists them with their donations and any financial needs for their ministry.

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Partner Care

Our Partner Care Team provides pastoral care, cultural intelligence training, Walking the Walls, missional trade and church planting for our ministry partners.

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Joe Chenoweth

Director of Partner Care

​Joe is a pastoral figure to our ministry partners and is passionate about ministry development and team building through a program he developed called Walking The Walls.

Joe has been involved in building teams and relationships for over 40 years. Whether it was as a high school athlete, a youth league coach, a sales and marketing manager,  or now in ministry with Young Life and Perception Funding.  He is an elder in his church and active in many ways throughout his local community of Harrisonville, MO.  


Partner Care Team Member
Cultural Intelligence Specialist

(Face hidden to protect identity.) Jeremiah is an expert certified in cultural intelligence, which means he can help our ministry partners develop skills to excel at working with people of other cultures. He is a great person with whom to have pastoral care conversations.​

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Sarah Ray 

Partner Care Team Member
Economic Development Specialist

Sarah, of Neema Development, assists Ministry Partners in their capacity building efforts in hopes that communities may gain increased economic stability and freedom to pursue hopeful and prosperous futures while encountering the love of Christ.

Erin & Pepe Acat

Partner Care Team Member

Erin & Pepe have spent their lives in missions serving in Peru, Pepe's home country. They have built a successful ministry that teaches local sustainability which removes the dependency for US donors.  As part of our Partner Care team, they work with our other foreign ministry partners to encourage them and train them in ministry development and local sustainability. 

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Board of Directors

Jonathan Klee


David Partin


Jason Schoff


Cory Young


Shilo Carr

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