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Add-on Services

At Perception, we offer the following additional services because sometimes you just need more or you need something more specific to meet your needs.

Team Building Course & Coaching 
$900 + travel expenses

★  Create clear & specific goals & direction

★  Build healthy & sustainable teams

★  Develop a larger volunteer mission  community

★  Learn to train the next person for leadership

★ Understand team dynamics & leadership structure

Walking the Walls, our team building course and coaching is a biblically based, relational coaching process designed to help build healthy teams and develop a volunteer mission community.  Following the leadership of Nehemiah you will learn to engage more people, with a diversity of gifts and talents, allowing your ministry to have greater impact and reach.  We do this in four meetings in person if possible over six months. 

Formation, Soul Care & Pastoral Coaching
Starts at $75

★  Soul Care Cohorts - small groups of 4 for 1-hour Zoom calls $75 monthly per person

★  One-on-one Soul Care & Pastoral Coaching 60 to 90 minutes each month $75 monthly

★  Soul Care Cohorts & Pastoral Coaching start with a 3-month reduced rate trial of $50 monthly

★  Sabbatical Coaching - help you enter rest, rejuvenation, renewal, and reentry $125 one-time 

Alongside Ministries, our formation, soul care, and pastoral coaching services are about being available, providing space, and offering soul care "for the few who reach the many".

Missionary Debriefing 
 $750 Per Adult

★  Relationally Focused for the whole family

★  Unpack your stories of the good, hard, and ugly

★  Gain a full picture of where God was in your experiences

★  Working with you to establish a soul care plan

★  On-going follow-up over the next 3 months

Canyon Debeifing, our in-person week-long Missionary Debriefing service. we intentionally listen in a structured and safe format, allowing your stories to come out thoroughly, without interruption or correction.  We then walk with you, unpacking these events in ways that bring to light where God was in these times, allowing for lament and restoration within yourself, with God, your family, and even those in the ministry. 

CQ :: Cultural Intelligence Training
Starts at $50 monthly

★  Gain a deeper understanding of how culture works - Relationally focused training, understanding your own cultural perspective first!

★  Internationally/academically recognized tool for gauging and improving cross-cultural relationships

 ★ A scriptural foundation woven throughout 

Cultural Strata, our cultural training program provides an academically based framework of culture, overlayed with scripture and many, many years of cross-cultural experience to lay a foundation for holistic approaches to ministry. Gain a better understanding of how your own culture impacts your view of the world and even Scripture. Learn and practice tools for awareness of other cultural values and perspectives, then use these to bridge cultural gaps to get to the heart of communication and share the Love of Jesus in culturally meaningful ways. 
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