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Impact December 2013



The Past Year

This year we have repeatedly seen God open doors for Perception Funding!  Through the faithful prayers and the generous financial support of our friends and family we have been able to serve the Lord in amazing ways. 

In January, Joy came on staff to help with business administration and finances in order that I (Jonathan) could spend more time focusing on our ministry partners. I was privileged to help our partners in both one-on-one and group trainings teaching the basics of fundraising, strategic planning, online giving, website design, coordinating fundraising events, and more. It has truly been a blessing to have Joy’s help and we are excited to see what the Lord has in store for us as we continue to do ministry together. 

In March, Joy, Charlie and I lead two missions trips with our ministry partner giveDignity in Costa Rica.  In addition to the service projects, a couple amazing things happened. First, giveDignity made several important connections through people on the trips that have helped grow their ministry, and then several trip members began prayerfully considering ministry as a career choice!

In October, we celebrated Perception Funding’s five-year anniversary and over $1 million raised with a party to thank the people who have supported us on this journey. It was a wonderful night of fun, food, prizes and sharing – if you weren’t able to make it, be sure to check out the reverse side of this letter for some interesting statistics we’ve compiled from our entire five years. 

Our continued desire is to train worthy ministries in becoming better fundraisers, and guide them along the way.  As Perception Funding approaches 2014, we find ourselves becoming too busy to work with all the ministries who want and need our services. One of our goals is to grow our team by hiring another full-time staff person, allowing us to serve more amazing ministries and grow the Kingdom of God.

As staff of Perception Funding we raise support just as the Apostle Paul modeled in 1 Corinthians 9:14, “The Lord directed that those who spread the Message be supported by those who believe the Message.”  Raising our operating budget in this manner each year enables us to offer our services and ministry to all our partners at no cost.  We have seen the Lord provide throughout 2013 through new monthly supporters, longtime faithful partners, and other generous financial gifts.   

As this year comes to a close, would you prayerfully consider partnering with us?  All donations are tax-deductible and you can give online or learn about all the other giving options

Thank you for your generosity and faithfulness! You have made it possible for us to serve the Lord in this way. We hope you have a joyful holiday season full of God’s abundant blessings!  

In Christ,

Jonathan Klee


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