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Impact May 2013



The Past Month

April was a needed month to catch up on business after spending much of March in Costa Rica with giveDIGNITY. 

-On April 19 we helped put on and coordinate the Olathe Young Life golf tournament, which raised over $10,000 towards their ministry.

-We also have been working on launching three new websites for our ministry partners. Check them out,,


Impact Story

From our Ministry Partner: Olathe Young Life

Perception Funding has worked with Olathe Young Life since October of 2010. We have played an active role on their committee helping them with all their fundraising needs. The Story, about Young Life staffer, Libby Bailey: 
Every week Libby meets with a group of high school girls for campaigners, which is a bible study. Recently they were studying Psalm 103 and as a project together they rewrote it in their own words. Here is what they came up with: Don’t let yourself forget what God has done for you, healed, cleansed, and washed away the dirt and grime. He has made you pure again for a purpose. Praise him, for he is King, and one day you will join the throne. Don’t forget who you are, and who you’re set out to be.Open up your whole soul to The Lord. Don’t forget everything he’s done and sacrificed. Open up your soul to the good that only The Lord provides, he will vanish the bad. Open up your soul to the one who is holy, God can heal and forgive all. You are renewed in him. With all your heart, praise The Lord. Praise his holy name with all you have. He who deserves the glory, praise his name. He’s who forgives our sins, not only that, but he died on the cross for our sins. He makes us new, heals us, and repairs us. The love and compassion he has for you is never ending. He who always has your best interest in mind loves you more than you’ll ever know.  (Psalm 103 in their words)It’s awesome how God can be on the hearts of kids and how He can use people like Libby Bailey to grow these kids up knowing Him. Check out the Olathe Young Life Blog -



New ministry partnerships & upcoming projects

We have several new ministries wanting our help and many new summer projects to complete. Pray for discernment as grow and make important decisions.


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